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Every year the Winona Foundation awards grants to non-profits from the Winona, MN area.  
There were a total 14 grants for
Congratulations to all awardees.


First Congregational Church$10,000.00

Frozen River Film Festival$3,000.00

Great River Shakespeare Festival$5,000.00

Minnesota Marine Art Museum$6,500.00

Pickwick Mill$7,500.00

Sandbar Storytelling Festival$3,000.00

Theatre du Mississippi$4,500.00

Winona Arts Center$10,000.00

Winona County Historical Society$13,000.00

Winona Dakota Unity Alliance$7,500.00

Winona MidWest Music Fest$3,000.00

Winona Public Library$5,000.00

Winona Symphony Orchestra$6,000.00

Total granted in 2023: $84,000.00

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